4-Week Art of Seeing Program

Join me, your guide to the Art of Seeing, in a fun, informative and soul-inspired approach to capturing great photographs. I’ve been a visual communicator for thirty years and will share my knowledge and experiences as a photographer. More importantly though, I’ll share my unique views on how my work has been less about taking pictures and more about witnessing the world around me. I’ll teach you how the camera can become an extension of your own unique view on the world!

In this course, you can expect to connect more fully to your own creative flow, capture images you are proud to print, display, or use for your business on social media or websites. Prepare to be inspired and walk away with some very real tools to enhance your experience of making images. No experience necessary. Smart phone or fancy cameras all welcome! Course will include simple assignments that you will be invited to share in the last session if you’d like.

Session 1: Nuts and bolts; Understanding the basics of capturing images including: Subject, Composition, Lighting, Moment and Emotional Impact
Session 2: Portraits with Presence + Inspiration from the Masters + Understanding Camera Settings
Session 3: Transformative Travel Images + Demystifying Organizational Tools
Session 4: Q and A; sharing images
Each week you will receive 3 prompts to  inspire your curiosity and practice your skills to support your work in the course.


Dates: May 3, 10, 17, and 24, 2022
Time: 6:30-8 pm CST
Cost: $275 –
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Program Details

In 4 90-minute sessions, expect to gain essential and accessible tools that will take your image making to surprising levels with ease. I’ll share what has made me unique and successful in how I work. There’s a difference between an image that is powerful and telling and one that’s just decent. A big difference.

I’ll use my experiences as a portrait and event photographer, a lover of storytelling and beauty, a lover of connecting with human beings and some of my hard earned lessons capturing great travel images and telling portraits of all kinds of people. 

I’m a big proponent of less is more. It’s not about how fancy your camera is — I’m in love with my iphone13 —  but what you see through your chosen lens. This class will serve you whether you choose your smart phone or the fanciest SLR. I will, however, use many of the settings on the iphone 13 pro to show you examples of the various photographic terms.

Each session will include visual examples to support the topics. The last session will be a time for Q and A, student sharing (I’ll have students send me three images each and we will discuss key concepts. And it’s fun!) 

Session 1: Nuts and bolts

  • What does it mean to SEE. What are you wanting to share?
  • Composition, cropping
  • Shadows and Highlights
  • Contrast
  • How choosing the right lens informs your story
  • Rule of 3’s

Session 2: Portraits that Speak Volumes

  • Connecting with your subject
  • Tips for posing. 
  • Families; how to work with different personalities, sizes of groups; 

Session 3: Transformative Travel Images

  • Photographing people when you travel; etiquette, sharing, 
  • Curiosity
  • Nature photography
  • Be humble, be courteous, be a citizen of the world. 
  • Connect with eyes and body language
  • Be generous

Session 4: Q and A

  • Student sharing
  • Discussing images based on key basic concepts 
  • Social media and best ways to share